Match Report
Bede's School 1st VII vs  SISNA Tournament
On: Thursday, 03 Feb 2022
Venue: Away

I cannot express how proud I am of the team. They worked so hard today, played some superb netball, had great fitness and came third overall losing out to just Hurst and Brighton College, winning most and drawing two games. They played solidly all afternoon.

I want to share players of the tournament with Kirstin, Darcey and Rachel, but honestly I thought every single one was brilliant.

Overall tournament result 3rd /12 schools. Won 7, drew 2, lost 2.

Game 1: v Brighton College, lost 17-3. Hard first game of the tournament to face Brighton College. They had exceptionally strong players, but we played with our heads high and good focus.

Game 2: v Worth, won 12-5. Great shooting for Kirstin and Maddie, strong lead on centre court from Nancy.

Game 3: v Rodean, won 15-4. Good drives into space to support play from Darcey, great defence from Emily.

Game 4: v Mayfield, drew 7-7. Well-matched sides here, great shooting from Kirstin and Maddie to secure goals, all goals put up were scored here. Darcey developed great speed of circle feeds here.

Game 5: v Seaford, drew 8-8. Another well-matched game, Nancy took dominance with feeds into the circle with knowledge of when to hold the ball and when to feed in fast. Bede's had the lead in the last few minutes but a turn-over and goal scored by Seaford meant we finished with a draw.

Game 6: v Hurst, lost 20-4. Hurst has exceptionally strong shooters who were tall and consistent. We scored the first goal of the game, continued to try tactics to avoid the pass reaching the shooters.

Game 7: v Ardingly, won 11-2. Dominate attack here, smooth passes, strong play, fantastic feeds into the circle from Nancy and Darcey.

Game 8: v Eastbourne College, won 12-11. What a great game! Highly competitive, great centre court play from Georgie, Darcey and Nancy. Strong shooting from Kirstin, but an unfortunate fall meant Isobel had to switch straight in to GA and despite not being a shooter, went on to score straight away! Fantastic! Great fight to win.

Game 9: v Lancing, won 10-4. With a key shooter out injured, Georgie stepped up to shoot as GA. She played brilliantly, supporting the centre court play with excellent drives. Darcey brought the ball down well and Rachel and Emily in defence worked so hard to take interceptions and rebounds to turnover possession.

Game 10: v Christs Hospital, won 4-0. Four goals scored in the first half, fantastic interceptions and marking from Isobel, great defence from Rachel and Emily.

Game 11: v Burgess Hill Girls, won 9-5. Last game of tournament. Fitness was our advantage here as well as competitive edge. Darcey drove the game as centre and was able to rally the girls to perform. Emily and Rachel were tireless in defence. Great shooting from the duo Kirstin and Maddie.

Captain: Nancy

Vice-captain: Emily

Squad: Nancy, Emily, Rachel, Maddie, Kirstin, Isobel, Darcey, Andie, Tati, Georgie.