05 Sep 2016

Sport plays a fundamentally important part in life at Bede's.

We pride ourselves both on our track record of supporting students in the pursuit of their ambitions and in our celebration of the idea that sporting excellence and mass participation are not mutually exclusive.

We enable those boys and girls with a drive or passion for sport to reach the very highest levels of achievement while also engaging and encouraging those pupils looking to simply have a go, join a team or compete in fixtures to participate, improve and exceed all expectations.

For individuals for whom sport is a career option, we provide a number of exceptional opportunities including building flexibility into their Academic and Co-Curricular Programmes, special access to personal trainers and specialist coaches and a range of truly unbeatable facilities.

There is a long and proud tradition of excellence in sport at Bede's, and our dedication to provide the very best coaching for students of all abilities gives all of our students the chance to grow in confidence, capacity and accomplishment year on year.

From novice performer to expert, the provision of sport, coaching and opportunity is at the very heart of Bede's sporting philosophy.

This dedication in turn ensures that the tradition of school sport for which we are known will continue to thrive long into the future.